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support pages for youth work practice - the new book by Tony Jeffs and Mark K. Smith

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As a contemporary reflection on current practice, Youth Work Practice tackles the diversity of what 'youth work' means and the challenging yet rewarding job that it is. It offers a meaningful insight into the everyday experiences of a youth worker, written by practitioners themselves.

In a clear conversational style, the text analyses the many aspects of youth work, including activities, group life, making conversation and mentoring, alongside practical guidance to advise on working with today's young people.

Jeffs and Smith’s previous book, Youth Work (1988), was a seminal text on working with young people. This successor text Youth Work Practice is its equal in providing an intriguing update for all those studying or working with young people.

On this page we suggest some links into materials on and give some suggestions as to further reading.

To be published December 2009

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further reading

Evans, Gail (2007) Counselling Skills for Dummies. Chichester: John Wiley. A good introduction to counselling basics.

Heale, John (2009) One Blood. Inside Britain's new gang culture. London: Pocket Books. An accessible and even-handed exploration of gang lifestyles.

Minton, Anna (2009) Ground Control. Fear and happiness in the twenty-first-century city. London: Penguin. An excellent introduction to the ways in which public space is being eroded in towns and cities, issues around housing, and the experience of local communities (especially around young people).