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Legacies and futures - The History Workshop and radical education

Ruskin College, Oxford, 19 September 2009 £30

While discussion of the past in the public domain has arguably opened up extensively, History in schools, colleges, universities and adult education is circumscribed by different constraints to those of the early years of the History Workshop.

What are the possibilities now of practising radical history-making? Is democratic scholarship viable – and what forms can it take? What new forms of engagement are possible? What have we learned and what should be left in the past? What different roles might History have in local and community activism? Down load the programme and registration form

Girls work - under threat or a new dawn?

Tuesday 8th September 2009 at Hinsley Hall, Leeds
£95.00 per person (plus VAT) including lunch.

A one day conference for women working with girls and young women.

Youth work with young women has a long history, but an uncertain future. Due to targets, current funding mechanisms and a focus on troublesome male youth. This one day conference of presentations, workshops, and group work will seek to draw lessons from past and present practice. It will consider how we can find ways in which girls work can develop and expand in the future.

Download details and an application form