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A new series of pages exploring different aspects of enterprise and entrepreneurship - and the contribution of, and issues faced by, informal educators and lifelong learning workers.
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enterprise, young people and youth policy. An overview. Sarah Lloyd Jones of the People and Work Unit explores the growing interest in enterprise and highlights some of the different elements in relation to youth policy. She also identifies some key issues.

working with young people around enterprise. Zareena Abidi explores some of the key approaches to education for enterprise - and some of the issues involved in working in this area.

making learning work: social enterprise and organizational learning. Shirley Brice Heath examines the growing coherence between the worlds of business and youth-based community organizations. She argues that this has happened within both the realms of theory and practice and that there are surprising implications for making learning work. 

‘leadership and spirituality…minus the loaves and fishes’. When you hear the word Leadership you may find yourself bombarded with images of the likes of Shackleton or Hunt battling against the odds, men of great achievements and, undoubtedly, great examples of good leadership. However, is this what we mean by leadership in today’s society? Is leadership meant only for those on adventurous endeavours? Mick Wood suggests otherwise.

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