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christian youth work and youth ministry


and development

In these pages we have profiles of many of the key figures in the development of Christian youth work (youthwork), and discussion of key organizations and developments



Educational settlements. Mark Freeman explores their development and the role that Quakerism played. [See, also, our feature on educational settlements]. 

Re-creating America: youth ministry and social change, 1930-1999. cover: Pahl's Youth Ministry in Modern AmericaJon Pahl explores the youth ministries of Walther Leaguers, Young Christian Workers, Youth for Christ members, and the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Baltimore and finds a nuanced history. 

Fred Milson: developing the practice of youth and community work. Fred Milson was an influential writer and trainer who did much to develop youth and community work practice within the Methodist church and the Youth Service generally. He was also an important contributor to national policy debates. Here we assess his contribution. 

the emergence of Christian youthwork

The emergence of Christian youth work (youthwork) and youth ministry - where did Christian youth work (youthwork) come from? We examine the emergence of the work and in, particular, focus on some often overlooked traditions and pioneers.

from the brigades to the church youth club

Christian youth work: from the brigades to the church youth club. We review the development of uniformed organizations (such as the Boys Brigade and Guiding and Scouting); the contributions to thinking and practice made by settlements and missions; and the emergence of the church youth club.

social education, group work + professionalization

cover: social group work and Christian educationSocial education, group work and professionalization. The outward form of the youth work undertaken by most churches changed little in the thirty or so years up until well into the 1970s. However, there were changes in approach. The professionalization and ‘secularization’ of the youth work field generally had an impact on what was happening in church youth groups and in Christian agencies. There were also some important innovations in practice, especially in the areas of project, detached and evangelical work, but it was the focus on social education and group work that was probably of more significance.

youthwork, youth ministry and beyond

Evangelical youthwork (youth work) and youth ministry. There were fundamental shifts in the shape and nature of Christian youthwork (youth work) in the last half of the twentieth century. These included professionalization, the re-emergence of evangelical youthwork (youth work) as a significant force, and the development of youth ministry. Here we provide provide an overview of these developments and to articles within the encyclopedia of informal education dealing with different aspects of the phenomenon.